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Major thanks to the crew at all island plumbers for coming out to my mother's home in the middle of the night and stopping her house from flooding. You guy's were fast, on time, and more than fair in price. You have a customer for life
Mia Betty-Massapequa Park
Fast Service. I called and had someone here in about two-hours. Pipe fixed, and the mess was cleaned up. Price was more than I thought it should be, but it was a sunday night.
Timothy Lee-Farmingdale
Fast Service. Thank you for coming so quickly. Newbor in the ohouse, they wore masks, shoe covers, and cleaned up the mess. Fast drain cleaning.
Adam Stone-West Islip

Choosing a Plumber: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Plumber

General Tips on Hiring a Plumber

Below are specific questions and answers. First, it’s best to learn some general tips and suggestions for choosing the ‘right’ plumber for you. This is a significant decision that can bring you joy or heartache. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a plumber.

  • Consider only licensed plumbers, especially if your state requires licensing, as most US states do.
  • Evaluate only plumbers who can deliver proof of insurance.
  • Ask the plumber how long has he/she been in the plumbing industry. The more experience the plumber or company has, the better.
  • After the professional analyzes your plumbing, he/she should be able to give you accurate estimates of what the charge should be for solving the plumbing problem.
  • Ask about the guarantees (your satisfaction with his/her work) included in the pricing estimate, including new parts needed.
  • Ask for a list of satisfied customer references—and check them out–before you hire the plumbing professional.

Now that you know the general tips, here are five critical questions you should ask every plumber before hiring them:

Are you considering hiring a contractor to solve a plumbing problem? We have the right questions that you need to ask the plumber before you do! The answers will help you choose a plumber who is qualified to solve both minor and major issues. They will also prevent you from hiring the wrong plumber – a mishap that could result in major plumbing issues that could cost you thousands.

  1. What Is the Estimated Total Cost of Fixing Your Plumbing Problem?

Homeowners should be careful, if not skeptical, about quotes you receive over the phone. Good plumbers typically want to see and analyze your piping problem, before giving you an estimate of the total cost of finish the repairs. Also, experienced professionals include the cost of any new parts needed to complete the repair. You can verify this issue by asking the plumber you’re considering if the price estimate includes both parts and labor costs.

  1. Ask Who Will Be Doing the Work?

If the plumber you speak with uses helpers or subcontractors, ask about the credentials and experience they have. You don’t want to risk having the person who is actually fixing the plumbing to have less training or experience of the plumber you initially speak with.

  1. Is the Plumber Licensed?

If your state requires licensing, be sure your plumber has passed all tests to get a license. You can ask him/her to show evidence of his/her license. Be somewhat wary of newly licensed plumbers without much experience. Still, they also may provide a better rate than those with more years of experience.

  1. Ask, “Are You Bonded and Insured?”

A “yes” answer should mean the plumber is prepared to give you evidence of his/her bonding and insurance. If asked, tell the plumber you don’t want to be legally responsible for plumber injuries while on the job or in your home fixing a plumbing issue. You have the right, if not the duty, to ask this question.

  1. Is the Rate Hourly or Fixed?

Clarify the estimate you receive to avoid unwelcome surprises when the repair job is finished. If the plumber tells you the rate is hourly, ask him/her, in plumber’s experience, how long it should take to finish the repairs. The more experience the qualified plumber has, the better because it will help the plumber give an accurate estimate of the time it typically takes to complete the repair, assuming the pipes are accessible.

Are You Ready to Hire a Plumber?

Now that you’re equipped with all the questions you need to ask, you should be ready to hire the best plumber in your local area. Contact the plumbing professionals at All Island Plumbers.